• Pharmaceutical &allied Industries have utmost standard of quality and process. They operate in a highly regulated environment governed by GMP, WHO, Ministry of Health and so on; which leads to inventory generation. Inventory can be in any form such as API, KSM, Intermediate, Packing material, etc.

  • The organization would have inventory because of various reasons such as.

  1. Drop of project/product /molecule

  2. Trailing quantity of a batch

  3. Surplus or excess quantity

  4. Vendor’s supply or pack size is more than the requirement

  5. Non availability of process to address inventory

  6. Restrictions (GMP or others) to address the inventory

  7. Product is made from non-approved vendors or vendor is not able to provide supporting documents

  8. Expired products but suitable for other applications like textile, printing, plastic, marble cutting, industrial chemicals.

  9. Product is not meeting a particular specification – such as smell, colour, moisture, solubility, Particle size, physical appearance, contents, purity, assay, etc.


  • Industry needs a solution to vital issue of non moving inventory. Moreover, there is financial cost of inventory in terms of storage space, maintaining storage condition, disposal cost and interest of investment.  


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